Introduction to BATCALL

Welcome to BatCall. This site was constructed in response to the need for a central distribution site for reference, research, and exchange of calls recorded from bats using the Anabat hardware and software. If you do not have the Anabat software you can download it from this site. This software is free with a nominal $25 to be sent to the developer on a volunteer basis to assist him in constructing updates and repairs to the program. All AnaBat software is under constant development by its creator, Chris Corben. Although we will post the latest version of available software periodically, for the most recent release directly from Chris himself, go to his web page.

Nearly 50 species of bats present in North America increasing to over 200 species in the neotropics. Almost 1000 species of bats occur world wide. Currently we have approximately 40 species represented on this site. We have constructed this site so that it is expandable to accommodate calls that are generated worldwide.

Using vocalizations and especially Anabat to study bats has been controversial, but the methods have been published and are currently the subject of an upcoming publication:

Gannon, W. L. and W. Bogdanowicz (eds.). 2000. Contributions to the study of bats: field use of acoustic detectors. Acta Chiropterologica, 2(2), 248 page

Many species of bats are considered Species of Concern, but real management plans that account for the welfare of bats are lacking regarding information on roost sites and abundance. We just don't know enough. Traditionally, difficulties in assessing the status of bats were due to the difficulty to detect bats by only netting. Nets miss sampling both individuals and species of bats. Harp traps are effective in some situations, but still there is a strong bias from knowing the true picture of diversity.

This website will provide a complete and accurate sound catalog of calls emitted from positively identified bat species. It should be useful in answering the larger scale questions and begin comparisons among and between regions for examinations of geographic variation and individual recognition within and between species. It has taken several years to gather enough useful information for this site from the bats of the Southwestern United States; we hope this site will prove useful to you!