05-19-00: New Site. New Site Layout that is easier to use and the addition of a NEW AND FUNCTIONING DATABASE AND DOWNLOAD APPLET is scheduled to roll out next Friday 26 March, 2000.

03-25-00: Software Updates. New ANABAT software V6.3d and ANALOOK software V4.8f can be found at the software download page.

Gooday all,

A couple of bug fixes. This new version of Anabat6 corrects a fault which prevented Anabat correctly loading a file. Under most circumstances, this would have a negligible effect, but if the file was full of data points, it would lead to most of the file becoming invisible.

In Analook, there was a problem with the TIFF file generation, where the message across the lower edge of the screen got messed up. Also, I have corrected a problem pointed out to me by Linda in which points which had been turned off in LOG screen got turned on again if you changed to LINEAR and back again.

Cheers, Chris.

12-01-99: The REAL McCOY:

The complete Anabat System Manual by Chris Corben and Michael J. O’Farrell is now available. It includes a diskette containing the latest versions of software and a mini-reference library of vocal signatures. There are currently two versions of the reference library: 1) United States/Canada; and, 2) Neotropical. Both are continually being updated as new species are recorded and available here on this web site. Cost is US$30/book. Shipping and handling for the US is US$3.50 and Canada US$4.50. For shipping elsewhere, email for the price. Future updates of software and reference calls are included. Send orders to:

Michael J. O'Farrell
O’Farrell Biological Consulting
2912 N. Jones Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89108

06-14-99 : New ANABAT software V6.1a and ANALOOK software V4.6e can be found at the software download page.

06-11-99 : Bat Call has added more complete species accounts for all thos occurring in the western United States. This page can be reached through the library button below or directly right now.

06-01-99 : Bat Call has changed names to the Call Observatory and Library. This page can be reached through the library button below.

04-27-99 : Bat Call has added ANABAT ANAPRINTS
Anaprints are spectrographs of various bat calls received through anabat. This page can be reached through the library button below.

03-22-99 : Bat Call has had a facelift and major redesign.
In an effort to meet the growing needs our users, Bat Call has undergone major reconstructive surgery. The site is recovering well, but full recovery is not expected for a few weeks. Please feel free to browse around, but do be disappointed if full functionality is not immediate.

08-10-98 : Library Section Modified
The last, but definitely not least, section to be re-designed was the library section. Since it is the most important section of this web site, we decided to save it for last so we could spend the most time on it. You will see changes there for the next few weeks, as we build a library of spectrographs and a more user-friendly interface to the vast library of bat calls. Please contact us with your suggestions, as we want to make this section the best part of the site, and could use your feedback!

08-04-98 : Site Design Change
In an effort to make the site easier to navigate, as well as to speed up the load time of the sidebar, we have re-designed the site to use a simple image map instead of two large lava applets. You should notice the load times are faster now. We apologize for some sections being unavailable for the next few days, but everything should be back BETTER than normal in the next couple of days.

07-07-98 : Access Statistic Page
Titles Updated The page titles displaced on the Access Statistics page have been updated so that the only items that should be without a description are the download section pages and files. Items that appear on this list without a title that are not in the download section should be reported to the webmaster.

07-06-98 : Message Forum Entrance Revised
It came to my attention that many people were confused by the request for a username and password while within the message forums section of the web site. Therefore I added and introduction page to that section explaining that users need to register an identity before being able to use the message forums. If this section still seems unclear, please let us know.

07-06-98 : Post-Upload Questionnaire Added
We were having trouble categorizing the uploads we have been receiving, so a post-upload questionnaire has been added to the upload process. Now you are asked several simple questions about the file you uploaded. Please take a look, and contribute a few calls if you have time!