Bat Call Research Library

Our philosophy with recording and presenting these call files is for research purposes. To begin with, researchers need to show that calls are species-specific. Once established, we can then examine more complicated questions related to geographic or other sorts of variation within groups of calls. We hope this page can help in this field of research.

You are free to download any calls. Like Genbank or other sorts of public access data what you do with these calls is your responsibility. We would like credit however if you publish your results. Likewise, any contributors who have posted calls to this page will have their name in the call headers. Please acknowledge them when appropriate.

The research files are not wav files. You must install the Anabat software to run these files or otherwise display them and they must contain the correct file extensions (i.e., 12345678.00#). If you need a reference to use the Anabat software, please contact Dr. Mike O'Farrell for a current user's guide.

All calls were recorded in the field from free-flying or recently hand-released bats. You can also contribute files. To do this we currently request that you email your files to Dr. William Gannon. After review for format and correct header information, these calls will be posted to the call library.

If you are looking to view individual species accounts please go to the Species Account Page.