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      Longitudinal Studies of Rodent Reserviors of Hantaviruses in the American Southwest

    Zuni Site Small Mammal List

    Latin Name

    Common Name

    Family Sciuridae

    Spermophilus variegatus

    Rock Squirrel

    Tamias dorsalis

    Cliff Chipmunk

    Family Geomyidae

    Thomomys bottae

    Botta's Pocket Gopher

    Family Heteromyidae

    Dipodomys odii

    Ord's Kangaroo Rat

    Perognathus flavescens

    Plains Pocket Mouse

    Perognathus flavus

    Silky Pocket Mouse

    Family Muridae

    Microtus mogollonensis

    Mogollon vole

    Neotoma albigula

    White-throated Woodrat

    Onychomys leucogaster

    Northern Grasshopper Mouse

    Peromyscus boylii

    Brush Mouse

    Peromyscus leucopus

    White-footed Mouse

    Peromyscus maniculatus

    Deer Mouse

    Peromyscus truei

    Pinyon Mouse

    Reithrodontomys megalotis

    Western Harvest Mouse

    Reithrodontomys montanus

    Plains Harvest Mouse

    Family Leporidae

    Sylvilagus floridanus

    Eastern Cottontail