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Staff of the MSB Division of Arthropods

Staff and other Personnel


Kelly B. Miller, PhD, Associate Proffesor: kbmiller(AT) Note:(AT) = @

Research: Beetle (Dytiscidae, Hydradephaga, Cucujoidea), web-spinner (Embiidina),

and grasshopper (Orthoptera: Acrididae) phylogeny and systematics.

Senior Collection Managers

Sandra L. Brantley, PhD, Research Associate Professor: sbrantle(AT)

Research: Spider ecology, systematics.

David C. Lightfoot, PhD, Research Associate Professor: dlightfo(AT)

Research: Grasshopper, cricket, katydid systematics, ecology.

Graduate Student Museum Assistant

Heidi Hopkins, PhD candidate, (systematics and behavior of cockroaches).

Emeritus Curators

Manuel Molles, PhD (Rio Grande bosque ecology, carabid beetle and aquatic insect systematics).

Museum Research Associates

Gavin J. Svenson, PhD, Museum Research Associate (Mantid systematics).

Jean-Luc Cartron, PhD, Museum Research Associate (Rio Grande bosque ecology).

Ana Davidson, PhD, Museum Research Associate (Chihuahuan Desert grassland ecology).

Eric Metzler, PhD, Museum Research Associate (moth (Lepidoptera) systematics).

Robert Parmenter, PhD, Museum Research Associate (disease, restoration ecology).

Ernest Valdez, PhD, Museum Research Associate (insects and bats).

Michele Price, PhD, Museum Research Associate (sap beetle (Nitidulidae) systematics).

Graduate Students

Grey Gustafson, PhD candidate, (systematics of Gyrinidae water beetles).

Heidi Hopkins, PhD candidate, (systematics and behavior of cockroaches).

Rachael Mallis, doctoral student, (systematics of the jumping spider genus Pellenes).

Mike Medrano, PhD candidate, (systematics of millipedes).

Karen Wright, PhD candidate, (systematics and ecology of Southwestern native bees).


Undergraduate Museum Technicians

Sarah Jogi, Museum Technician.

Matthew Leister, Museum Technician, Arachnids.


Museum Volunteers

Sharyn Davidson, Museum Technician.