Museum of Southwestern Biology

Introduction to the MSB Policies


The Museum of Southwestern Biology (MSB) is a research, teaching and public service facility in the Department of Biology housing historically important collections of vascular plants, invertebrates, and vertebrates from the American West, Central and South America, and from throughout the world. The Museum serves the scientific community and the public at large through its research and teaching efforts and availability of extensive collections and associated databases. Maintaining high standards of collections management and long-term conservation of specimens is the responsibility of both the individual divisions and the entire museum.

This museum policy applies to all MSB staff, students, administrators, associate researchers, visiting researchers, and the public. The MSB Policy will be amended and updated as needed. The Director, in conjunction with the Curators, will approve the final draft of any updated Policy. It will be expected that all MSB personnel and museum associates will follow this Museum Policy when conducting museum business and engaged in curatorial activities.

Objectives of the MSB Policy

The Museum of Southwestern Biology, recognizing its role as a University of New Mexico (UNM) facility and a public trust, will strive to maintain a Policy that reflects current UNM and State of New Mexico codes as they pertain to museum collections. Likewise, the Policy will reflect the philosophies and principles of current museum practices as outlined in policy guidelines for the National Systematics Collections Alliance, International Council of Museums, and the American Alliance of Museums.