Andy Johnson

Pursuing lifelong interests in Natural History, Birds, Watercolor Painting, Archery, Wooden Boats, and old Fords.

As bird collection manager, my responsibilities include care and maintenance of the collection of bird specimens housed in the Museum of Southwestern Biology. This includes overseeing the day to day maintenance of the collection and obtaining, preparing and cataloging of specimens.

I have been lucky enough to travel in my career as a biologist. As a Masters' student in Alaska, I travelled to Ketchikan, Attu Island, up the Dalton Highway to Deadhorse, Kodiak Island, and to the Yukon-Kuskokwim River Delta. I did my Masters' research in southern Belize. Since moving to Albuquerque in 2003, I have travelled the southwest and have also been working in Peru and South Africa.

I am an artist. Watercolors are my medium of choice. Birds typically feature prominently in my paintings. I also enjoy carving and painting birds, but haven't done that for years.

I grew up working on cars, particularly old Fords. The first car I remember riding in was a 1955 Ford 4-door sedan, the family car. My first major restoration project I worked on with my dad was a 1962 F100 pickup. This was a total body-off restoration. I drove this truck throughout high school and college, and still use it for hauling a load or rock or compost for my gardening projects, and to go hunting when I need a high clearance vehicle. Now, I'm applying the skills I learned from my dad and am finishing up work on a '66 Bronco.


Andy's CV