Division of Fishes

Reference Catalog Number: 001

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True Fly

Order: Diptera;  Suborder: Brachycera; Subsection: Acalyptrate

Terrestrial Input

Acalyptrate Adult


Order: Ephemeroptera;  Family: Acanthametropodidae

Acanthametropodidae Larva


Order: Diptera; Suborder: Nematocera; Family: Culicidae; Genus: Aedes


Aedes Larva


Order: Trichoptera; Family: Hydroptilidae; Genus: Agraylea

Agraylea Larva

Reference Catalog Number: 005


Subphylum: Crustacea; Order: Amphipoda


Reference Catalog Number: 006


Order: Hemiptera; Family: Aphididae

Terrestrial Input


Catalog List

Reference Catalog Number: 002

Reference Catalog Number: 003


Reference Catalog Number: 004


Museum of Southwestern Biology

Reference Catalog Number: 007


Order: Ephemeroptera; Family: Baetidae; Genus: Apobaetis

Apobaetis Nymph

Watersnipe Fly

Order: Diptera; Suborder: Brachycera; Family: Athericidae

Athericidae Larva

Biting Midge

Order: Diptera; Suborder: Nematocera; Family: Ceratopogonidae; Genus: Atrichopogon

Atrichopogon Larva

Small Minnow Mayfly

Order: Ephemeroptera; Family: Baetidae

Baetidae Nymph

Reference Catalog Number: 008

Reference Catalog Number: 009


Reference Catalog Number: 010


*Terrestrial Input refers to an invertebrate that is a non-aquatic organism. These individuals likely fell into the water by accident and are not part of the aquatic community.