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Main page of the website of the Museum of Southwestern Biology. Here you may find links to the Division of Fishes, where our study was conducted, and the Division of Arthropods where our specimens are housed.


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Dr. Turnerís Webpage

Tom Turner is the leading professor involved in this project as well as the MSB Director and Curator of Fishes.


Museum of Southwestern Biology


BugGuide is an online database of photos and IDs of invertebrates from the US and Canada. It is a valuable resource for us to check our own IDs.



The Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District is concerned with water issues for agriculture, open space and wildlife around the Middle Rio Grande.



The Middle Rio Grande Endangered Species Collaborative Program† is designed to protect and improve the status of endangered species found along the Middle Rio Grande. Seventeen programs are involved in contributing data and producing regular status reports.



The National Science Foundation is a government organization that provides opportunities for research, education and funding for science and engineering.


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Bosque del Apache NWR

Bosque del Apache is one of our sample locations and serves as a† refuge of over 57,000 acres. They are involved in providing for wildlife, water management activities and restoration endeavors.


Sevilleta LTER and NWR

The Sevilleta Long Term Ecological Research facility is part of an NSF long term research program and is managed by the University of New Mexico. It is a valuable resource in the study of ecosystems in arid lands.