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    Staff of the
    MSB Division of Fishes

    Staff and other Personnel

    Turner, Thomas F.
    Curator and Associate Professor

    Snyder, Alexandra M.
    Collections Manager

    Platania, Steven P.
    Associate Curator

    Ross, Stephen T.
    Curator Emeritus

    Osborne, Megan J.
    Research Assistant Professor

    Burdett, Ayesha S.
    Postdoctoral Associate


    Brooks, James E., Fishery Biologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, NM Fishery Resources Office

    Kodric-Brown, Astrid, Professor, UNM Biology Department [Kodric-Brown Lab]

    Burr, Brooks M., Professor, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Department of Zoology [Burr Lab]

    Propst, David L., Endangered Species Fish Biologist, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

    Dudley, Robert K., Senior Research Associate, American Southwest Ichthyological Research

    Brandenburg, W. Howard, Research Associate, American Southwest Ichthyological Research

    Farrington, Michael A., Research Associate, American Southwest Ichthyological Research

    Curatorial Assistants

    Kylie R. Naegele

    Maribel Solis

    Graduate Students

    Krabbenhoft, Trevor J.

    Undergraduate Curatorial Assistants

    Kendra Brunet Lecomte