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flower images
Mentzelia multiflora, Calychortus gunnisonii var. perpulcher, Opuntia polyacantha © 2004 Robert Sivinski

field guide
  • November 2009: Tim Lowrey (Curator) was elected to the board of the Flora North America Association! The Flora North America program is a massive international project to provide a published account of the 20,000+ species in North America north of Mexico. At the finish of the project, nearly 10% of the world's plant species will be treated in 30 volumes. Tim is happy to be elected to the board of directors to help guide the project to completion in 2012.
  • July 2009: Tim Lowrey is named Associate Chair of the Department of Biology.
  • November 2009: Jane Mygatt (Collection Manager) and Juliana Medeiros (recent Ph.D. graduate and Herbarium T.A.) completed work on a lab manual to accompany the Flora of New Mexico course taught by Tim Lowrey (Fall semesters). The lab manual covers more than 70 plant families in New Mexico.
  • October 2008: A Field Guide to the Plants and Animals of the Middle Rio Grande Bosque. Jean-Luc Cartron, David Lightfoot, Jane Mygatt, Sandra Brantley and Tim Lowrey. UNM Press, 375 pp. Order form Mygatt and Lowrey collaborated on the Vascular Plant section of the field guide. More than 200 plant species are included in this field guide.
  • Spring 2008: INRAM Biodiversity Division is now the New Mexico Biodiversity Collections Consortium! New Mexico is enormously rich in biodiversity and fortunate in that a history of that biodiversity is still available to scientists and the public in the form of collections housed in the state's natural history museums. To protect those collections and to make the information stored in them available to the scientific community and the general public, NMBCC has integrated museum data at the University of New Mexico, New Mexico State University, Western New Mexico University, and Eastern New Mexico University into a searchable geospatial format accessible via the Internet. The NMBCC Gateway to New Mexico Biodiversity.
  • Spring 2007-present: Volunteer Lolly Jones assists Jane Mygatt in collecting specimens for the upcoming Field Guide to the Plants and Animals of the Middle Rio Grande. Lolly continues to volunteer in the herbarium on a weekly basis and we appreciate her commitment to the herbarium! We are always looking for good volunteers to assist in the many details of herbarium management.
  • 2004-present: efforts continue in georeferencing the collection.
  • In May 2004: the Herbarium finished data entry into the specimen label information database.
  • In August 2004: efforts will began in georeferencing the collection.