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images of plants
Dalea formosa, Eriogonum ovalifolium, Krameria lanceolata © 2004 Robert Sivinski



Query Data

The New Mexico Biodiversity Collections Consortium (NMBCC) Gateway to New Mexico Biodiversity allows you to search for NM specimens housed in the Herbarium. A basic search in the NMBCC database contains Catalog Number, Scientific Name, and New Mexico County. You can currently generate several different table views of the data and county-level maps. Registration is required for more advance query and output options.

Disclaimer: These data are for non-commercial use only and are the properties of the museum collections that provided them. Questions concerning the NMBCC website or query functions should be directed to the webmaster (nhnm (at) Questions concerning the data should be directed to the collection manager (ptonne (at) Neither the participating collections nor NMBCC is responsible for any misuse or unintended consequences of use of these data. The data are provided "as-is" and no warrantee is given as to their accuracy or appropriateness for your use.



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