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    Cook Molecular Genetics Lab
    Undergraduate Students

      Suzette (Durall) Mouchaty (1991)

    "Phocid systematics"

    Suzette received a M.S. from UAF, Ph.D. in Sweden and now is Director of the University of Houston Downtown's Scholars Academy.

      Kirsten Bagne (1993)

    "Sea otter morphometrics"

    Kirsten now works for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Fairbanks.

      Michael MacDonald (1993)

    "Shrew biogeography of the North Pacific Coast"

    Michael now works as a wildlife biologist for the State of Washington DOT.

      Melanie Wike (1994)

    "Chromosome evolution"

    Melanie received a M.S. from Texas A & M and now works for the National Park Service in Alaska.

    James Wood (1994) 
    "Chromosomal Evolution in the Bolivian Spiny Rats"** 

    Jim received his M.D. from the Mayo Medical School in 1997.

    Tom Seaton (1995)

    Bolivian carnivore karyology.

    Tom is finishing a M.S. degree in Wildlife Biology and is employed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

    Randy Brown (1996)
    "The Small Mammal Fauna of Six Habitats on the Alaska Peninsula"** 

    Randy finished an M.S. at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and works for Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

    Beverly Johnson (1996)

    "Molecular systematics of the Red-backed Voles (Clethrionomys rutilusand C. gapperi)**

    Bev is finishing medical school at the University of Washington.

    Richard Brenner (1998)

    "Systematics and phylogeography of jumping mice (Zapus) in Southeast Alaska"

    Rich is finishing a Ph.D. in Biology at University of Alaska.

    Jason Schneider (1998)
    "Determination of mtDNA lineage profiles of marten (Martes americana) in Southeast Alaska"
    Kalin Kellie (1999)

    "Age determination in Ursus arctos"**

    Kalin is finishing an M.S. in Wildlife Biology and works for Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

    Eric Suring (1999)

    "Molecular evolution of ermine"

    Eric is in a doctoral program in New Zealand.

    Brandy Jacobsen (2000)
    "Spermophilus parryi systematics and phylogeography"

    Brandy is a Collection Manager at University of Alaska Museum.

    Matt Duersch (2001)
    "Use of genetic markers for ecological risk assessment"
    Aaron Orme (2002)
    "Molecular genetics of insular deer mice"
    Kaycee Bell (2001)
    "Molecular genetics of a contact zone in red-backed voles"
    Harmony Dancing Rain Spoonhunter (2002)

    "Phylogeography of jumping mice (genus Zapus)"

    Harmony received a BS in 2002 and now works for a pharmaceutical company.

    Kebai Gamblin
    (In progress)
    "Variation in control region gene of marten"
    Karl Vanderwood
    (In progress)
    "Endemics or introductions? Insular ground squirrels of SW Alaska"

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