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Division of Mammals
Museum of Southwestern Biology
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131
Division of Mammals
Museum of Southwestern Biology
CERIA Building 83 Room 204
302 Yale Blvd NE
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

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The Division of Mammals is a premier research collection, ranking among the three largest worldwide and largest university based mammal collection. Containing more than 300,000 cataloged specimens (representing ~1700 species), the Division is a hub of research and training efforts at UNM as witnessed through publications, dissertations, honor’s theses, grants, and annual growth. Collections date from the late 1800’s and are world-wide in scope, with particularly strong holdings from Western North America, Beringia, Central Asia, and Latin America. MSB pioneered the concept of “holistic vouchers," whereby traditional skin, skull, and post-cranial skeletons, are complemented by up to seven tissues (heart, kidney, liver, lung, spleen, muscle, blood), karyotypes, and ecto and endo parasites. We emphasize site intensive, geographically extensive sampling of entire communities to provide the most powerful and integrative perspectives across temporal and spatial scales. Use of the collection has increased tremendously through our web-accessible database, reflecting a new trend in environmental informatics and genomics research that ties other Big Data resources (e.g., GenBank, GoogleEarth) to archival collections.


Our specimens are fully searchable through our online database Arctos.

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A list of publications that cite Mammal specimens or were authored by Division staff and associates is kept up to date on our Google Scholar profile.


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Major holdings of the Division of Mammals


Scans of catalogs and field notes from many of our collectors are available on our website and in LoboVault

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