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Division of Arthropods
Museum of Southwestern Biology
1 University of New Mexico
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Division of Arthropods
Museum of Southwestern Biology
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CERIA 83, Room 204
Albuquerque, NM 87131
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Flea Leaf-beetle

Flea Leaf-beetle

Photo by D.C. Lightfoot

Hexapoda, Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Phyllotreta sp.

Description: Small oval metallic blue beetle with enlarged hind legs for jumping. Females and males look similar. Many similar looking species of flea leaf-beetles in New Mexico.

Geographic Distribution: Throughout New Mexico. Native.

Habitats: Yards, gardens and open areas with herbaceous plants and flowers. Adults and larvae live and feed on the leaves and of many herbaceous plants, especially those in the mustard family (Brassicacea).

Biology: Adults occur throughout the summer, larvae are present on plant leaves during the summer.

Health/pest Status: Not common on garden plants, generally on native herbaceous plants and weeds.