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Volunteer for MSB

The MSB has many exciting divisions in which to volunteer. Join Us!

If you like our feathered friends, our Bird division has exotic hummingbirds from South America. We also have a large collection of owls from flammulated to great horned. Our division of Amphibians and Reptiles is in the wet collection, not to be confused with the wet collection of arthropods. Lizards, snakes and frogs are carefully preserved in alcohol. Our division of Arthropods is divided into wet and dry collections. The wet collection works with soft body arthropods such as spiders, millipedes and centipedes. The dry collection is the pinned collection: beetles, roaches, butterflies, moths and more. Not into the creepy and crawly? Looking for something more sedate? In the same wet collection as Amphibians and Reptiles is our Fishes division. This division has some of the oldest specimens of fish collected by the USGS.Our Herbarium holds the collection of pressed plants. If Mammals interest you, we've got aardvarks to zebras. Common to all our collections, save that of the Herbarium, is our newest division, Parasites.

Numerous opportunities exist for volunteers to donate their time and expertise working for the MSB. Duties involved include: database development, web design, specimen processing and labeling, cataloging specimens, special projects within a division, specimen identification, assisting in developing exhibits and giving tours and fieldwork throughout the state and to exotic locales.

Interested individuals are asked to contact the Curator or Collection Manager of the Collection in which you would like to work or the museum administrator.

When speaking with the collection manager of the division you are intersted in becoming a volunteer, this page is a helpful guide for you and the collection manager.

Likewise, we have a volunteer policy that includes an Assumption of Risk and Consent Form Usage of Volunteers SOP.

We look forward to having you become a key contributor at the Museum of Southwestern Biology


Donate to MSB

There is a long tradition of private support for natural history museums across the U.S. Because the MSB is one of the most dynamic natural history museuems in the Southwest, your support would support students, significantly enhance our mission of documenting, archiving and interpreting our planet's biological diversity as we help to protect and manage dwindling natural environments.

Your donation may be designated for the Museum as a whole, or directed to one our Divisions, or applied to special projects currently underway.

For more information on how to become an MSB benefactor, please contact the MSB's Director, Dr. Joseph Cook (505) 277-1358 or email cookjose.

If you are ready to give now, you can use the UNM Foundation site to give online by credit card or by phone.