Past Cook Lab Graduate Students

Cook Lab 2010
2010 - University of New Mexico
Cook Lab 2007
2007 - University of New Mexico


Name Degree Project Current Position
Manuela Londoño-Gaviria MS, 2022 Conservation genomics of the endangered New Mexico jumping mouse.  
Dianne Peterson MS, 2022 El Malpais mammal-flea community.  
Schuyler Liphardt PhD, 2021 Comparative phylogeography across multiple scales: small mammals, their ecology, pathogens, and drivers of diversification. Postdoc, University of Montana
Carlos Carrion-Bonilla PhD, 2021 Into the Neotropics: Perspectives on the Evolutionary History of Neotropical Myotis  
Katrina Derieg MS, 2020 The phylogeography and molecular systematics of woodrats (genus: Neotoma) in the American Southwest Vertebrate Collections Manager, Natural History Museum of Utah
Monica Naranjo MS, 2020 Museum Studies Research Assistant, University of New Mexico
Jocelyn Colella PhD, 2019 Mixing it up: the impact of episodic introgression on the evolution of high-latitude meso-carnivores Assistant Professor and Curator of Mammals, University of Kansas
Lindsey Frederick MS, 2018 Museum Studies Bioscience Collections Manager, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
Kaylen Jones MS, 2018 Museum Studies

freelance artist

Jessica Weber PhD, 2018 The molecular basis of adaptation in caviomorph rodents Postdoc, Harvard University, Massachusetts
Dianna Krejsa MS, 2017 Phylogeography and population dynamics of a cold-adapted carnivore Curator of Vertebrates, University of Wisconsin, Museum of Zoology
Bryan McLean PhD, 2017 Pattern and process in the radiation of ground dwelling squirrels Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Jolene Rearick MS, 2017 Molecular evolution of freeze tolerance in North American frogs Food and Drug Administration, Maine
Kayce Bell PhD, 2016 Ectoparasite and endoparasite diversification in western North American chipmunks Curator of Terrestrial Mammals, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Donavan Jackson MS, 2016 Phylogeography of the meadow vole PhD student, University of Washington
Amanda K. Jones MS, 2015 Mammals of the Gila Region, New Mexico Wildlife Biologist, Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico
Yadéeh E. Sawyer PhD, 2014 Comparative Phylogeography of the North Pacific Coastal Mammals: Implications for Island Endemics Engineering Student Success Center, University of New Mexico
Jason L. Malaney PhD, 2013 Comparative phylogeography of boreal mammals Bioscience Curator, NM Museum of Natural History and Science
Brittany Barker PhD, 2012 Comparative phylogeography of ecologically distinct frogs from the Puerto Rican Bank Research Associate, Oregon State University
Brooks Kohli MS, 2012 Phylogeography of northern red-backed voles Assistant Professor, Morehead State University, Kentucky
Andrew Hope PhD, 2011 Historical biogeography of Beringian shrews Assistant Professor, Kansas State University
Natalie Dawson PhD, 2008 Vista Norteña: Endemism, conservation genetics, and insular biogeography of mesocarnivores of the North Pacific Coast Executive Director, Audubon Alaska
Jose "Pepe" France MS, 2008 Conservation genetics of Wolverines works in the commercial sector, New York
Anson Koehler MS, 2006 Comparative coevolutionary examination of Soboliphyme baturini in marten (Martes americana & M. caurina) PhD, 2010, New Zealand
Research scientist, University of Melbourne, Australia
Amy Runck MS, 2001
PhD, 2006
Genetic and morphologic introgression between Clethrionomys rutilus and Clethrionomys gapperi (Co-advised by M. Matocq) Department Chair and Professor, Winona State University, Minnesota
Eric Waltari PhD, 2005 Historical biogeography of Beringia: Phylogeography of soricids and leporids Research scientist, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, 
Byron Weckworth MS, 2004 Genetic differentiation of coastal wolves PhD, 2011, University of Calgary
Biologist, Panthera's Snow Leopard Project
Aren Eddingsaas MS, 2003 Aleutian ground squirrels: endemics or introductions? Biologist, Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, Idaho
Michael Lucid MS, 2003 Phylogeography of Peromyscus along the North Pacific Coast Biologist, Idaho Fish and Game
Eric Tomasik MS, 2003 Genetic Variation in Wolverine Biologist, USDA Forest Service, Montana
Kurt Galbreath MS, 2002 Genetic consequences of Pleistocene glaciations for the tundra vole (Microtus oeconomus) in Beringia

PhD, 2009, Cornell University.
Associate Professor, Northern Michigan University

Allison Bidlack MS, 2000 Molecular genetics of fragmented populations of northern flying squirrels (Glaucomys sabrinus) PhD UC Berkeley
Deputy Director, Auke Bay Laboratories, NOAA
John Chythlook MS, 2000 Stickle-back (Gasterosteus aculeatus) differentiation in Bristol Bay Fisheries Biologist, Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Karen Stone PhD, 2000 The evolution of insular populations of marten (Martes americana) Professor and Associate Vice President for Curricular Management, Southern Oregon University
John Demboski PhD, 1999 Comparative biogeography and systematics of several mammalian taxa (Glaucomys, Lepus, and Sorex) Department Chair and Curator of Mammals, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Colorado
Chris Conroy PhD, 1998 Molecular phylogenetics of arvicoline rodents Collection Manager, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, UC Berkeley, California
Doreen Parker-McNeill MS, 1996 Distribution and forest ecology of bats in Alaska Regional Management Coordinator, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, retired
Ellen Lance MS, 1993 Biogeography and evolutionary genetics of the tundra vole Biologist, Endangered Species Field Office, US Fish and Wildlife Service, retired
Suzette Durall-Mouchaty MS, 1993 Phylogenetic analysis of northern hair seals based on nucleotide sequences of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene

PhD, University of Lund, retired
Univeristy of Houston


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